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Combined Structural Health Monitoring and an Information Modelling Framework for Complex Structures

Pakistan has witnessed some horrible hazards, not so more than the infamous 2005 Kashmir Earthquake, where severe human loses and structural damages were encountered due to poorly designed structures and absence of National Building Codes. The overall poor construction quality and disparities from design specification has left civil infrastructure in a vulnerable state and it require robust monitoring network for the health assessment and rehabilitation of existing structures. This research aims to address this issue by developing an integrated building information model (BIM) assisted by structural health monitoring system (SHM), for operational management and dynamic data access of existing damage prone structures. Unmanned ariel vehicle (UAV) equipped with vision and infrared cameras and using convolutional neural network (CNN) algorithm would be implemented for automatic crack detection. It would also be assisted with other sensors for other parameters such as stains, displacements and accelerations in the structure. The sensors data would be integrated with BIM, which would allow for a user-friendly interface to communicate with the planners and stakeholders about the operational conditions and maintenance requirement of existing structures.
Date:3 Oct 2023 →  Today
Keywords:Structural health monitoring, Building information modelling, Unmanned aerial vehicle, Image processing, Damage monitoring
Disciplines:Acoustics, noise and vibration engineering, Sensing, estimation and actuating, Dynamics, vibration and vibration control