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Characterization of a novel innate CD8 PD1 positive thymic T cell population and its progeny in cord blood

T cells are generated in the thymus as resting cells without effector function and only acquire effector function after pathogen encounter. Before an individual develops immunity to common pathogens, tissues such as gut, liver and lungs seem very much exposed to pathogens with little T cell immunity present. The lab of Bart Vandekerckhove has recently reported a distinct population of T cells that is generated in the thymus with an immediate effector function, which we call thymus-dependent innate T cells. We hypothesize that these cells egress the thymus and migrate to the tissues. In this project we aim to fully characterize and explore the functionality of this population in thymus and cord blood. Furthermore, we will study the pathways which are responsible for the generation of these cells, the role of their T cell receptor and other proteins in the generation of these cells and whether these cells migrate to the healthy tissues and/or tumor infiltrates.

Date:1 Nov 2019 →  Today
Keywords:cord blood
Disciplines:Adaptive immunology, Innate immunity