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Characterisation of the relation between florsitic diversity, soil microbial diversity and biogeochemical processes in a pristine wetland (Bierbza, Poland) (01J04007)

With this project, we want to investigate whether there is a link between floristic diversity and microbial community structure and how this affects nitrogen biogeochemistry. The specific objectives are: 1. To study the effect of changeing plant diversity on microbial community structure and key microorganisms 2. To quantify N-biogeochemistry and the uptake of N-species by micro-organisms under varying plant diversity 3. To study whether plant diversity is triggered by nutrient niche differentiation.

Date:1 Jan 2007  →  30 Apr 2011
Keywords:micro-organisms, N-cycle, diversity, Poland, plant, Bierbza
Disciplines:Environmental science and management, Plant biology, Sustainable chemistry, Aquatic sciences, challenges and pollution