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CESCO XL (R-11872)

Taking into account the desired affordability, adaptability and sustainability of housing, we want to introduce a new circular housing concept, in which we focus on an innovative form of cooperation between key figures within the value chain of real estate: residents, designers, contractors, investors and building managers. We want to do this by means of a new business model: a Circular Economy Service Coalition (CESCo) is the central party that on the one hand concludes service contracts with residents for "living as a service" and on the other hand concludes performance-based contracts with professional partners for circular products and services. We see this CESCo as a new form of cooperation between existing players within the construction sector. To achieve this, we want to take the following actions: 1) Reinforce Total-Cost-of-Ownership-thinking (TCO): selecting change-oriented circular building solutions based on life cycle cost instead of initial cost. 2) Create support from the end user: focus on affordability (based on TCO) and adaptability 3) Work out an alternative form of cooperation between different stakeholders with attention to everyone's risk management
Date:14 Dec 2020 →  31 Dec 2022
Keywords:business models, circular housing concept, real estate law
Disciplines:Environmental law
Project type:Collaboration project