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Castles in 3D: Innovation in Digital Research Methods for Lost Medieval Heritage in the Low Countries

The doctoral research is part of the project 'Lost Medieval Fortresses in the Low Countries Unveiled in 3D.' The research has two objectives: it aims to develop a new method for creating scholarly 3D reconstructions (Critical Digital Models) and analyzes lost military architecture from the late Middle Ages in the Low Countries, including the Castle of Kortrijk, Sluis, and Vilvoorde. 3D models of buildings and interiors are essential research tools and communication mediums for art and architectural historians. Because such visualizations are often based on incomplete historical evidence, there is always a degree of interpretation involved in their creation. Existing models often present a final representation without revealing design decisions. The research aims to develop an innovative method that integrates the sources of the model with the presentation of alternative solutions. This method will be used to analyze late 14th-century fortresses of the counts and dukes in the Low Countries. This region was a significant battleground, and the introduction of cannons significantly changed warfare during this period. The analysis of the 3D reconstructions will enable researchers to address questions about the military and representative significance of castles in an international context.

Date:13 Oct 2023 →  Today
Keywords:Critical digital models, Low Countries, Medieval fortress, 3D
Disciplines:Built heritage and renovation, Architectural heritage and conservation
Project type:PhD project