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Brains (Back) to Brussels 2010 - Verankering : Combining experiment and informatics to study biopolymer dynamics and interactions. (BRGEOZ165)

Bioinformatics approaches that capitalize on the wealth of data available from NMR and other techniques therefore have the potential to transform the field. Through my work in experimental NMR and subsequent experience in handling and analysis of diverse NMR and structural data, I have the understanding and technical background to develop such approaches. The resulting tools and techniques will be founded on consistent and interlinked storage of local and public archive information, which enables higher dimensional data analysis leading to new dynamics and binding related data interpretation tools.
Through giving me the opportunity to work in Brussels, I will be able to establish a group that will make a significant contribution to research. Given the commercial importance of drug design, innovative tools in this field have great potential for industrial collaborations and to attract funding.
Date:1 Dec 2010 →  30 Nov 2015
Keywords:Applied Biology
Disciplines:Biological sciences