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BL/02/LeapAgri 01: European-African partnership for safe and efficient use of mycotoxin-mitigation strategies in sub-Saharan Africa (MycoSafe-South) (BL/02/LeapAgri 01)

Food security remains a major challenge in developing countries, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, with the highest prevalence of undernourishment. Worldwide, cereal-based crops are spoiled by toxigenic moulds and their mycotoxins. Food spoilage by moulds and mycotoxins not only reduces the amount of the available food, and can have deleterious effects for animal & human health, It also adversely affects the ability of Africa to trade with the rest of the world.

Date:15 Jul 2018 →  31 Aug 2022
Keywords:sub-Saharan Africa, food security, human health, animal health, mycotoxins, food safety
Disciplines:Toxinology, Veterinary pharmacology and toxicology, Veterinary public health and food safety