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AUtonomous Demanufacturing of batteRy driven products (AUDRI)

To reach the sustainability targets set by the EU Commission, radical innovations will be required for the treatment of high-value and impact waste streams. Both the volume and material complexity of these waste streams are expected to significantly increase due to uptake of batteries containing hazardous, critical, and precious metals. Therefore, the AUDRI project ambitions the development of methods and algorithms to maximize the value recovery of mixed waste streams of batteries (cells, modules, and assemblies) and battery powered electronics with broadly varying geometries, structures, and material compositions. To handle the high variation in product models and condition, the added value of combining RGBN, 3D and XRT imaging and computer vision will be investigated. Furthermore, novel methods to integrate these technologies in robotic systems for flexible product manipulation, dismantling, and sorting will be explored.
Date:1 Oct 2023 →  Today
Keywords:Waste electic and electronic equipment, End-of-Life Vehicles, Batteries
Disciplines:Demanufacturing, Life cycle engineering, Robot manipulation and interfaces