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Automatic ultrafiltration platform for active compounds screening

In order to rapidly and accurately screen bioactive compounds from natural products, an automatic screening platform is designed and established combining multiple technologies including ultrafiltration, 3D-printing, and electrical automation. A new pressure-based rotary strategy of ultrafiltration for active compounds screening is developed. To fulfill the new strategy, a specific ultrafiltration cell is designed and optimized by 3D-printing. Tools like liquid chromatography pumps, syringe pumps, stepper motors and some electronic devices are assembled and connected. Two automation approaches are developed through 1) an integrated circuit, CD4017, with designed circuit and 2) a microcomputer, Raspberry Pi, with Python coding. After the strategy establishment, pancreatic lipase with relevant inhibitors and plant extracts are used for the validation of the new strategy of ultrafiltration. Data analyses are performed in combination with an LC-MS system (off-line) and also hyphenated to the LC-MS system (on-line). Ultrafiltration is a widely used, simple and rapid method for active compounds screening. This automatic ultrafiltration platform can reduce the labor and increase the speed of traditional centrifugal ultrafiltration. In addition, two approaches with off/on-line modes provide more flexibility for other researchers who want to establish a similar platform.

Date:20 Sep 2022 →  Today
Keywords:ultrafiltration, automation, screening, natural products, 3D printing, bioactive compounds
Disciplines:Compound screening
Project type:PhD project