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ATMP Logistics (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products)

ATMP Logistics

In the pharmaceutical sector, a streamlined process from A to Z is the key to success, especially in the case of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP). The logistics of this distinct group of medicines is complex because of the specific requirements regarding temperature, reliability and traceability. With the ATMP Logistics project, VIL aims to provide an answer to these challenges.

Distribution and transport of medicines requires extreme attention to detail in every phase of the logistics chain in order to guarantee the quality of the product at all times. Flanders has an extensive pharmaceutical sector of world renown and there is also extensive knowledge and experience in logistics regarding the transport of medicines.

However, this is not yet the case for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP), or cell therapy, gene therapy and products based on tissue engineering. These types of medicines require specialized logistics, in which real-time monitoring of temperature, location and security are crucial, e.g. via the Control Tower concept.


In this growing market of both short-haul road distribution and air freight, VIL will work with the participating companies to develop improved solutions for the logistics of clinical trials and translate them into a clear short-term guide.

In parallel, a reliable, economically viable and scalable medium-term logistics model will be developed, addressing packaging, refrigeration and traceability challenges.


  • developing solutions for clinical logistics and drafting of a manual
  • establishing of a reliable, economically feasible and scalable logistics model for ATMP (“needle to needle” scenarios):
    • short- and long-range logistics processes and standards
    • packaging and storage
    • temperature control
    • traceability (ICT and IoT solutions)
  • developing a high level business case for the transport of ATMP on a large scale
  • drawing up of a chain-wide risk analysis and mitigation for the ATMP supply chain
  • drawing up of an advice concerning the necessary systems for packaging, storage, temperature control and traceability
  • practical tests
Date:1 Dec 2021 →  Today
Keywords:ATMP Logistics, Hinterland connection, Last mile
Disciplines:General and logistic services
Project type:Collaboration project