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Assisted Living Technologies for the health tourism sector

The ALHTOUR project aims to strengthen and stimulate scientific excellence, and innovation capacity in technologies for independent living, applied to the health tourism at UL (Portugal) , by preparing for the set-up of a “Health Tourism Living Lab”, identified as a key driver for territorial development. The Twinning action will activate a process of knowledge transfer which leverages on academic excellence of KUL (Belgium), UM (Netherlands) and UNIMC (Italy), as well as on complementarities and synergies among Smart Specialization Strategies (SSS) of the 4 regions involved. In this way, ALHTOUR will help strengthening the triple helix cooperation skills of UL and supports SSS implementation in the UL region. As a result, this twinning could become an example of territorial development for other regions and knowledge organisations in Europe.

To achieve these objectives, ALHTOUR is developed in two action phases characterised by:

  • a multidisciplinary approach, supported by social science and humanities disciplines;
  • a constant and active involvement of different stakeholders and the business community;
  • a mutual learning and cooperation process, to benefit all partnering institutions.

The plan of collaborative activities includes: staff exchanges, academic symposiums, Job shadowing and cross functional mentoring, joint business seminars, lunch & learn events, summer school, Venture Lab on health tourism.

With regards to the Work Programme, ALTHOURT makes a contribution to the priority given to ‘personalising health and care’ as a form of responding to the ‘Health, demographic change and well-being’ societal challenge. Synergies are relevant also within Smart cities and communities. Finally, ALTHOUR is in line with the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing, the objectives of the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme and the attention devoted by the EC to the opportunities offered by Silver Economy.

Date:1 Jan 2016 →  31 Dec 2018
Keywords:Assisted Living Technologies, health tourism sector, ALHTOUR
Disciplines:Modelling, Multimedia processing