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Assessment of market access policies and instruments for oncology drugs.

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide and the problem is predicted to increase next years. Costs for cancer care currently present a large share of the health care budget. High priced drugs and changing demographics promise to strengthen this fact. Budget constraints limit the market access of new, innovative but expensive oncology drugs in public health systems. This project studies instruments for market access of oncology drugs and aims to  relate implementation of these instruments to efficient allocation of scarce resources in the oncology domain of public health systems. Therefore, this project includes 1) a study of instruments for market access of oncology drugs in Europe, 2) an investigation of societal preferences for oncology drugs, 3) a study about the  ustainability of market access in Europe, 4) ethical reflections about market access instruments and societal preferences for oncology drugs. The ultimate goal of this project is to identify instruments for optimal and sustainable market access of oncology drugs based on societal preferences and relevant experience in European countries.

Date:1 Jan 2014  →  31 Dec 2017
Keywords:Access policies, Oncology drugs
Disciplines:Biomarker discovery and evaluation, Drug discovery and development, Medicinal products, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy and phytochemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapy, Toxicology and toxinology, Other pharmaceutical sciences