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Aquaculture and food security: defining potential opportunities for the development of aquaculture in Ethiopia

Aquaculture is essential for food security, but its development in Ethiopia is slower due to scattered research initiatives, less structured government policy and lack of strategies for training, R&D and extension. This INCO is the first of its kind, in gathering policy makers, researchers and field workers in Ethiopia, aquaculture experts from other African countries and north partners to share knowledge and experiences and to define the priorities and set recommendations for aquaculture development in the country. For maximal efficiency, it is conceived at small scale and with a high degree of interactivity among participants. It is explicitly intended as a catalyst for further, more formalized future collaboration of the partners around the table in the field of aquaculture, as currently there is no strong collaboration between Jimma University and Ghent University in this field.

Date:1 Mar 2016 →  31 Dec 2016
Keywords:food security, Ethiopia
Disciplines:Other agricultural, veterinary and food sciences, Animal biology, Veterinary medicine, Other veterinary sciences