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Application of novel organic reactions for the preparation of new heteroaromatic scaffolds

N-containing heterocycles can be found in several bioactive small molecules, and it is well known that these are very prominent scaffolds in drug discovery. Additionally, the availability of organic reactions for different functionalizations is the key factor that may be limiting the development of new drugs. It is widely accepted that investments in basic chemistry for the development of new synthetic methodologies towards heterocycles are crucial for the continuing development of new therapeutic agents. This project is a joint effort of Flemish and Brazilian researchers at USP and KULeuven, who have an ongoing collaboration. In this project the researchers aim to strengthen this partnership by developing innovative and efficient synthetic methods for the preparation and functionalization of N-containing heterocycles. In recent years the USP group has been investing in the development of new heterocyclic scaffolds. The research group at KULeuven has published groundbreaking research on multicomponent reactions leading to a variety of heterocycles. By combining these expertises, new heterocyclic scaffolds will be prepared and new ways to functionalize heterocyclic compounds will be developed. A set of 10 scaffolds, synthesized collaboratively by the two teams, will be explored. With this project, we expect to expand the understanding on the basic chemistry of these heterocyclic systems and, at the same time, develop new methodologies in the field of organic synthesis.

Date:1 Jan 2019  →  Today
Keywords:Interdisciplinary chemistry
Disciplines:Organic chemical synthesis