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Ancient Recensions and Identity Construction: How re-writing texts has contributed to the creation of (community) identity in Second Temple Judaisms and Early Christianity

This research project will examine the recensions of a selected number of early Christian and Jewish texts to evaluate how identity is inscribed in the contest over the wording and content. The interpretive lens of editorial control will be used toIt willalso critically consider how and why scholars label something as a recension versus a new composition, and whether there are valid reasons for this distinction inherent to the texts themselves. Texts examined include Marcion’s Gospel, Life of Adam and Eve and the Sophia of Jesus Christ. This holistic project focused on the process identity construction as instantiated through and in textual recensions should have important implications for other areas of study in early Christianity, including the Synoptic Problem. It should also enhance understanding of the text itself as an area of contestation, not just as static milestones in wider debates.

Date:1 Oct 2019 →  9 Oct 2020
Keywords:Textuality, Recensions, Early Christianity, Identity
Disciplines:Biblical studies, Study of Christianity
Project type:PhD project