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Analysis and control of uncertain and parameter−varying linear systems: advances with a view to mechatronic applications.

The core objective of the research program is to bring advanced analysis and control methods for uncertain and parameter−varying linear systems closer to engineering practice, and to mechatronic applications, such as wafer stages, pick−and−place robots, etc., in particular. To this end, the project combines (i) theoretical advances to alleviate the methods’ inherent trade−off in conservatism and computational effort; (ii) methodological developments to solve the controller design and trajectory optimization problems efficiently; and (iii) experimental implementations. The theoretical and methodological contributions are rooted in convex and robust optimization, which have a whole range of engineering applications.


Date:1 Oct 2015 →  Today
Keywords:Mechatronics, analysis
Disciplines:Mechatronics and robotics not elsewhere classified, Manufacturing engineering not elsewhere classified, Other product development not elsewhere classified