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AM3BIT : A multi-stakeholder multi-modelling multi-representation based approach to developing information systems

Successful software development requires involving a large number of stakeholders in the development process. Given the large variety of backgrounds of the stakeholders it is important to offer each of them a suitable representation of the software design artefacts. While UML is today often used as universal and general-purpose language, it is crucial to move towards a multi-stakeholder perspective relying on multi-modelling and multi-representations tailored to the stakeholders needs. The general goal of this project is therefore to investigate multi-modelling and multi-representation approach to software development: to study how multiple models (e.g., data, process, task, user interface) can be created, edited, and exploited in a multi-modelling and model-driven engineering-based approach by various stakeholders involved in the development of an information system. To address the concerns of each stakeholder more adequately, a multi-representation approach will be developed, providing each stakeholder with an adapted representation to foster understandability from that stakeholder's perspective to ensure multiple quality properties, as found in usability engineering.

Date:21 Jul 2020 →  Today
Disciplines:Information systems not elsewhere classified, Software engineering, Human-computer interaction, Information technologies, Management information systems
Project type:PhD project