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Allergy in a fresh light

AlMs of the proposed project

In an attempt to find novel pathways to interfere with the activation of DCs, and thus to come up with

new therapeutic interventions, we are currently focusing on the role that epithelial cells have in

controlling DC activation, as this might be a very drugable pathway due to the exposed position of

epithelial cells to inhaled air and therapeutics carried in it via aerosol delivery. Although the epithelium

was initially considered purely in terms of barrier function, we have recently proposed that it should be

seen as a central player in the Th2 sensitization process because it can secrete a wide range of

chemokines, cytokines and growth factors capable of recruiting, activating and instructing lung DCs to

induce a pro-allergic Th2 cell response

Date:1 Oct 2009 →  30 Sep 2019
Disciplines:Clinical genetics and molecular diagnostics