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Agro-biotech: exploring new translational research opportunities for KU Leuven

Climate change and a growing world population are imposing serious restrictions to the efficient production
of plant-based food, feed, fiber and (bio)fuels. Our crop production systems are facing enormous threats by
unpredictable weather conditions (e.g. droughts and floods) and the rise of new diseases and pests.
Furthermore, our food production systems are far from sustainable, which in turn amplifies the impact on
climate change and the loss of natural biodiversity. We believe that agricultural innovations through R&D,
lay the foundations for future food production systems. In this project we aim to bridge the gap between
academic and industrial research in the field of Agro-biotechnology, which could create new research
opportunities for KU Leuven plant scientists and agronomists. This translational research will lead to
necessary innovations in crop production, which will enable us to feed the world in a more sustainable way.

Date:1 Dec 2020  →  Today
Disciplines:Environmental plant biotechnology, Crop science, Sustainable agriculture, Agricultural technology, Agricultural plant breeding and biotechnology, Plant biology not elsewhere classified