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Additive Manufacturing for Self-Healing Robotics

The aim of this thesis is to applicate additive manufacturing techniques to advance in the development of self-healing soft robotics actuators. The research approach taken in this project is founded on these major objectives: - Design, sin thesis and characterization of self-healing materials based on thermoreversible covalent networks for use in additive manufacturing, including the very important design of the rheokinetics of these SH materials. - Development of models describing reaction kinetics, network formation and disbanding, and ultimately the time-and temperature dependent visco-elastic behavior. - Development of additive manufacturing methods (this thesis is going to be focused on the Selective Laser Sintering technique) for SH thermoreversible covalent networks, dedicated to self-healing components for soft robotic applications. - Development of self-healing robotics demonstrators to validate the developed concepts.

Date:29 Jan 2019  →  Today
Keywords:Polymer, Rheology, Self-healing, Additive Manufacturing
Disciplines:Polymer reaction engineering, Powder and particle technology, Rheology
Project type:PhD project