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Active resonant metamaterials as a robust and adaptive lightweight solution in noise control engineering

One of the current focus research activities in this context is the identification of the impact of damping in the resonator structures on the eventual performance of the metamaterials. Initial findings indicate that the presence of damping may broaden the frequency range of beneficial vibro-acoustic performance, at the expense of a reduced peak performance within the wider stopband. We are currently focusing on the introduction of passive damping into resonant metamaterials. However, the introduction of damping through (decentralized) active control could be a very viable way, for instance by embedding piezo-actuators into the resonator structures or by introducing piezo-shunts. Given the very large expertise of Neven Alujevic in these active control strategies, he will bring a clear added value to our new research program. This is a fundamental and very innovative research program, which will contribute to the next generation of ‘materials by design’ at the eve of the breakthrough of additive manufacturing as mainstream production technology; the latter being perfectly suited to realize the envisaged lightweight concepts.
Date:1 Jan 2016  →  31 Dec 2016
Keywords:Active, resonant, metamaterials, robust, adaptive, lightweight solution, noise control engineering