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Acoustic resonators for architectural practice

The acoustic behaviour of small and medium-sized architectural spaces is significantly influenced by their own resonances. These resonances are a problem especially in the low-frequency range and their distribution varies in the same way as room dimensions. The offer of commercial products is often not prepared for this variability, and it is, therefore, necessary to come up with individual solutions. This project deals with the research of acoustic resonators and the improvement of acoustic conditions in recording studios and small rehearsal rooms. Resonators are elements often used to attenuate at low and medium frequencies. One of their essential properties is the limited bandwidth of their absorption and it is, therefore, possible to use them to suppress a specific problem. This advantage can be a disadvantage at the same time, as narrowband presupposes (a) precise design or (b) additional tunability to match the requirements of a specific room. Along with the research of the new construction and computational solutions for the resonator design, it is also necessary to further expand the knowledge about the influence of the room response at low frequencies on the acoustic comfort of the user. It has long been known that low-frequency noise is able to mask the sound of both near and significantly higher frequencies and thus significantly reduce the quality of use of space. However, it is necessary to verify to what extent this room quality can be improved by suppressing its modes and to what extent this improvement can be perceived by trained and average listeners. All the above-mentioned subjects will be addressed through objective and subjective measuring methods (reverberation room and impedance tube measurements, perception and listening tests) and numerical simulations in order to achieve a comprehensive view of the issue and to outline new solutions to the problems described.

Date:19 Jan 2022 →  Today
Keywords:Acoustics, Architecture
Disciplines:Architectural sciences and technology
Project type:PhD project