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Acoustic metamaterials: towards practical realisations

This  aim to map the possibility of creating high absorption (an absorption coefficient of 0.90 or more) at multiple frequencies within the 0-2000 Hz range, making use of random shaped absorbers.
Numerical models are used preliminary, to determine the optimal number, shape(s) and size(s) of acoustic cavities.
The focus lies on the manufacturability of different absorber designs, together wih the effect of production parameters and eventual design changes on the real-life performance. One or more prototypes will be developed and tested. Production techniques of interest are additive manufacturing and injection molding.
The use of low-frequency absorbers in industry, leisure and healthcare will be valorized.

Date:18 Nov 2019  →  Today
Keywords:Acoustics, 3D printing, Absorption coefficient
Disciplines:Acoustics, noise and vibration engineering, Modelling and simulation
Project type:PhD project