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Accellerating towards clinical validation of Galsome nanovaccines (mRNA vaccin Galsomes)

Although the Galsome mRNA vaccine platform has a broad application potential, we opt to first accelerate validation and valorization of Galsomes for treatment of solid tumors. The first objective is to accelerate the translation of Galsomes to a clinical-grade product. This in view of a phase Ia/b clinical trial in lung cancer patients. FThe second objective aims to address the market trend for targeting U+201Cneo-antigensU+201D by validating neo-antigen-based Galsome vaccination in a highly relevant orthotopic lung cancer model. A third objective is to perform an in-depth market analysis to identify high-value clinical unmet needs that can be addressed by the Galsome technology and can offer competitive advantages over other commercially available platforms. Such business case may form the basis for a business plan and initial contacts with investors.

Date:15 Jun 2020 →  28 Feb 2022
Keywords:nanomedicines, GMP production, Cancer vaccination, clinical translation, cancer immunotherapy
Disciplines:Drug discovery and development not elsewhere classified, Cancer therapy