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3D-CELLMAP: Unveiling complex cellular interactions in tissues through 3D super-resolution protein multiplex imaging (HERC66)

3D-CELLMAP aims to establish a versatile 3D-spatial protein multiplexing and super-resolution
imaging platform. This platform will combine two major components to push the boundaries of
spatial cell and tissue profiling. The first component is a super-resolution microscope with high-speed
imaging capabilities, such as the Zeiss Elyra 7 structured illumination microscope. These advanced
systems combine exceptional resolution with high-speed imaging, enabling super-resolution 3D
mapping of tissues. The second component is the Akoya Phenocycler system, which allows
simultaneous detection of dozens of protein markers per sample. Via custom integration of the
Phenocycler fluidics system, we aim to build a microscopy platform for 3D spatial multiplexing. This
setup will address the unmet need for super-resolution microscopy at our university (VUB) and
enable multiplex 3D imaging at high resolution, facilitating innovative discoveries. The ability to
analyze multiple proteins simultaneously in their 3D spatial context will provide important insights
into the organization and function of complex biological systems. It deepens our understanding of
cellular interactions within tissues and paves the way for breakthroughs in cell and tissue biology. By
being one of the first to implement this technology and housing it within a VUB core facility, we gain
a key advantage for research in our university and in Flanders, driving scientific progress and
facilitating transformative discoveries
Date:1 May 2024 →  Today
Keywords:Inflammation, Data visualisation and high-throughput image analysis, Data visualisation and imaging
Disciplines:Inflammation, Data visualisation and high-throughput image analysis, Data visualisation and imaging