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A 200 kV transmission electron microscope for high-resolution determination of 3D-ultrastructure of native proteins, cells and tissue

We request funding for acquisition of a modern high resolution 200 kV electron microscope, fully equipped for cryo- and room temperature imaging including tomography for determining the 3D-structure of biological samples. The new microscope will be used for imaging specimens embedded in plastic at room temperature, as well as for imaging frozen specimens at cryogenic temperature. This type of high-resolution information will be used to answer and identify molecular contributions to medico-biological processes in cells and tissues in health and diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. Alternatively, it can contribute to a better understanding of processes that are important in the development of resistance to pests in crop sciences. This instrument will be unique in Flanders, and will enable us to discover the full prospective of high-resolution 3D imaging of tissue and cells, and at the same time carry out innovative research in structural biology.

Date:1 May 2020  →  Today
Keywords:electron microscope
Disciplines:Biomedical instrumentation