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System and method for determining a subject's stress condition

An electronic system (1) for determining a subject's stress condition. A stress test unit (100) is configured for receiving one or more features defining the subject (103) and one or more physiological signals (102) sensed from the subject when performing a relaxation and a stressful test task (101); for extracting normalization parameters (112) of the physiological signals during the relaxation and stressful task; and for identifying one or more physiological features that are responsive to stress (111). A storage unit (200) is configured for storing a plurality of stress models (212) generated based on a number of subjects and wherein each model has been trained with a different set of features; and for storing the subject's features (103), normalization parameters (112) and the stress-responsive physiological features (111). A stress detection unit (300) is configured for selecting a stress model from the plurality of stored stress models (212) based on the subject's features (103) and the stress responsive physiological features (111); for estimating a specific stress condition (312) based on the selected stress model, stored subject's features, normalization parameters and one or more sensed physiological signals (104) that apply to the selected stress model; and for providing a stress value (108) representative of the subject's stress condition.
Patent Publication Number: EP3501385
Year filing: 2018
Year approval: 2020
Year publication: 2019
Status: Requested
Technology domains: Medical technology
Validated for IOF-key: Yes
Attributed to: Associatie KULeuven