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A method for forming a vertical hetero-stack and a device including a vertical hetero-stack

According to an aspect of the present inventive concept there is provided a method for forming a vertical hetero-stack of a first nanostructure and a second nanostructure arranged on an upper surface of the first nanostructure, the first nanostructure formed by a first TMDC material and the second nanostructure formed by a second TMDC material. The method comprises: providing the first nanostructure on a substrate wherein the upper surface of the first nanostructure is formed by a basal plane of the first TMDC material, forming a reactive layer of molecules on the first nanostructure along a periphery of the upper surface, and forming the second nanostructure by a vapor deposition process wherein the second TMDC material nucleates on the reactive agent along said periphery and grows laterally therefrom to form the second nanostructure on said upper surface.
Patent Publication Number: EP3255656
Source: EPO
Year approval: 2020
Year publication: 2020
Status: Assigned
Technology domains: Semiconductors
Validated for IOF-key: Yes