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Isobutanol production using yeasts with modified transporter expression

The present invention relates to recombinant microorganisms comprising an isobutanol producing metabolic pathway and methods of using said recombinant microorganisms to produce isobutanol. In various aspects of the invention, the recombinant microorganisms may comprise one or more modifications resulting in the reduction in the expression and/or activity of an endogenous transporter protein. In various embodiments described herein, the recombinant microorganisms may be microorganisms of the Saccharomyces clade, Crabtree-negative yeast microorganisms, Crabtree-positive yeast microorganisms, post-WGD (whole genome duplication) yeast microorganisms, pre-WGD (whole genome duplication) yeast microorganisms, and non-fermenting yeast microorganisms.
Patent Publication Number: US9657315
Source: USPTO
Year approval: 2017
Year publication: 2017
Status: Assigned
Technology domains: Biotechnology
Validated for IOF-key: Yes