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A foldable scissor module for doubly curved scissor grids

The invention is related to a foldable scissor module formed of polar scissor units and comprising at least four polar scissor units characterized in that: • At least one of the polar scissor units consists of rods that are not identical in terms of their length and/or their semilengths, i.e. at least one unit is not a regular basic polar (PRB) unit, • The unit lines of the polar units are not all concurrent. The major advantage of the new foldable modules according to the invention is that they generate deployable scissor grids with 'freeform' double curvature using straight bars (existing concepts using straight bars mostly have no, single or spherical double curvature).
Patent Publication Number: WO2018167247
Year filing: 2018
Year approval: 2019
Validated for IOF-key: Yes
Attributed to: Universitaire Associatie Brussel