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Sustainable Energy, Air and Water Technology (DuEL) (T_DUEL)

Research Group

Lifecycle:1 Oct 2009  →  Today
Organisation profile:Our research is focused on the photocatalytic removal of pollutants in process gases, indoor- and outdoor air. This research focuses on three groups of pollutants.The first topic concerns the removal of organic compounds of process gases. Several model compounds are tested in dry and humidified synthetic air. Solid and gas phase FT-IR spectroscopy, GC/FID and sensors are used to study the photocatalytic process. The goal of this research is to make a fundamental working model and to determine the optimal process conditions for specific applications.The second focus is the removal of NOx, VOC and PM in synthetic air and real exhausts with titanium dioxide pellets, films and foams. Different types of catalytic ceramic foams are developed and tested for their capacity to remove combinations of these pollutants. For example PM and NOx are the main pollutants in the exhaust gases of diesel motors, so a simultaneous removal would be very interesting. Another study concerns the combination of NOx and VOC which are the main precursors for ozone formation. This research will lead to realistic, economical and ecological valid air purification processes.The third group of pollutants are indoor-gases like formaldehyde and ethene. To obtain more knowledge about the break down mechanisms, the optimal method of illumination, contact time, flow rate, amount and shape of catalyst is studied during the catalytic process. The study, design and development of photocatalytic reactors is an important part of our research.To close the circle, an algae reactor is used to treat the purified exhaust of the photocatalytic reactor. Valuable products like biomass, lipids, amino acids are the end products.
Disciplines:Analytical chemistry, Macromolecular and materials chemistry, Physical chemistry, Sustainable chemistry, Aquatic sciences, challenges and pollution , Environmental science and management