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Structural Analysis

Research Group

Lifecycle:1 Jan 1970  →  31 Dec 1999
Organisation profile:

TOPIC A : Mechanical Properties of Composite Materials Systems and their application in mechanical constructions (Long fibre reinforced composite materials) (Cardon A.) - Anisotropic elasticity, plasticity and viscoelasticity, development of numerical models for finite element analysis through experimentation, under controlled temperature, moisture and stress/displacement conditions - Mechanical properties of materials, reinforced with long fibres and their use in mechanical constructions - Formulation, application, performance and durability of technopolymere based composites - Study of dynamical properties and development of fibrous structures with sensors - dentification of stiffness and damping properties through mixed numerical and experimental techniques - Experimental and numerical analysis of fibre reinforced composites - Research on joints in composites. - Analysis of coupling phenomena: mechanical, thermal and hygrothermal fields - Description of the interface and its evolution under complex load states, including environmental loads - Study of interfaces in composite materials TOPIC B : Experimental analysis and computer aided design of structural elements (W.P. De Wilde) - Computer aided design of structural elements - Study of the behaviour and optimisation of composite structures, subject to unusual loads - Computers and their use in the analysis and design of structures - Experimental and numerical analysis of joints in hybrid composites - Research on joints in composites - Optimisation of sandwich panels with hybrid composites - Development of finite element analysis algorithms in the field of composite materials, structural vibrations and eigenvalue problems; stochastic finite element method - nfluence of surface properties on hygrothermal behaviour of composites. Study of the vibrational behaviour of clamped anisotropic plates, application to NDI. - Mechanical properties of composites, stochastic finite element method - Computer graphics and software tools - Consultance in the selection of computer equipment TOPIC C : Low Temperature Mineral Polymer Matrix Composites (J. Wastiels) - Mechanical properties in function of matrix materials and interphase - Addition of synthetic or natural fibres - Application in low cost housing materials and earthquake resistant design - Application in lightweight materials. - Development of a material for high temperature application

Keywords:Construction Industry, Composite Materials, Materials Identification, Architecture, Dynamical Behaviour, Vibrations, Material Technology, Structural Analysis, Updating, Finite Elements, Experimental Analysis, Aerospace Construction, Adhesives Composites
Disciplines:Physical sciences, Mechanical and manufacturing engineering, Materials engineering