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Species Diversity


Lifecycle:1 Feb 2017 →  Today
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The Species Diversity team investigates the state and trends of populations of species in a regional (Flanders), national (Belgium) and international context with a view to the conservation and management of biodiversity. To this end, it charts the biotic and abiotic habitat requirements of species, interactions between species, and the impact of human activities on species in order to explain the observed trends. The methods used include determination of potential habitats, species surveys, monitoring protocols, Red Lists and criteria for determining the local state of species conservation. In addition, the team develops methods to optimise ecological, distribution and trend research. Moreover, it manages a number of significant and comprehensive species databases (e.g. of flora, butterflies, waterfowl, monitoring networks, and breeding birds  including general breeding birds, specific breeding birds, and waterfowl counts). To achieve these goals, the team works as part of a network of INBO colleagues and other domestic and foreign experts.