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Social-cultural food-research

Research Group

Main organisation:Research Council
Lifecycle:2 Apr 2003 →  Today
Organisation profile:

FOST aims at the study of the history, sociology, geography, politics, philosophy, archaeology, linguistics, and etnology of food in Europe since Antiquity. It is a multidisciplinary and inter-faculty research unit, with international contacts in Europe and the USA. FOST co-ordindates (PhD) research with regard to food, gastronomy, culinary culture, table manners, and all issues related to common and festive food. It welcomes researchers from other universities and countries, and hosts Ph.D. students. FOST organises Masterclasses with international renowned researchers (e.g., Claude Fischler, Alessandro Stanziani, Alan Warde, Warren Belasco, Martin Bruegel and Massimo Montanari). FOST supports teaching in the Master History by organizing specific courses (taught by Paul Erdkamp, Wouter Ryckbosch en Jeffery Tyssens), in collaboration with Ghent University.

Keywords:food history, food sociology, cultural linguistics, food research, culinary culture, art history, optimal diet, food safety, labour market of cooks, gastronomy, cooking
Disciplines:Other engineering and technology, Agricultural animal production, Other agriculture, forestry, fisheries and allied sciences, Archaeology, History, Linguistics, Art studies and sciences