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In-Situ Electrochemistry combined with nano & micro surface Characterization

Research Group

Main organisation:Research Council
Lifecycle:1 Oct 2014 →  Today
Organisation profile:
This research project will focus on the design and development of in-situ electrochemical approaches combined with surface characterization at the micro and nanometer level.
The initial focus of the project will be to gain better understanding of the influence of the local metal surface structure properties on the corrosion behavior of metals.
This research requires new design and development of nano and micro electrochemical reactors that allow us to perform electrochemical experiments combined with simultaneous analyses using in-situ TEM, in-situ synchrotron, in-situ IR, in-situ ion selective electrodes, amongst other. The research strategy considers designing, building, testing and modelling of these approaches.
This novel approach will be dedicated initially to corrosion studies, but will be extended later to other electrochemical systems such as electrodeposition, electrocatalysis, ..
Keywords:Material Technology
Disciplines:Other materials engineering