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Research Unit Public Law

Research Unit

Lifecycle:1 Jul 1977 →  Today
Organisation profile:

This research unit consists of 5 institutes: the Institute for Administrative Law, the Institute for Constitutional Law, the Institute for Civil Procedure, the Institute for Environmental and Energy Law and the Institute for Human Rights

CONSTITUTIONAL LAW (prof. A. Alen) - The state : structure, organs, competences, functioning. - Constitutional law and international law: human rights. ADMINISTRATIVE LAW (prof. M. Boes) Zoning and planning law, monuments and sites, administrative contracts-public procurement law. ENVIRONMENTAL AND ENERGY LAW (prof. K. Deketelaere) International, European, federal, regional and local environmental and energy legislation. HUMAN RIGHTS (prof. P. Lemmens) - European Convention on Human Rights: international and domestic aspects - Right to fair trial - Right to privacy - Freedom of expression - Right to development - Universality of human rights LEGAL SYSTEM (prof. P. Van Orshoven) METHODOLOGY OF LAW & PROCEDURAL LAW (prof. P. Van Orshoven)

Keywords:Administrative law, Constitutional law, Educational law, Methodology of law, Procedural law, Energy law, Environmental law, Human Rights