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Research Unit Labour and Social Security Law

Research Unit

Main organisation:Faculty of Law
Lifecycle:1 Jul 1977  →  Today
Organisation profile:

LABOUR LAW - Scope and competence of joint committees (paritaire committees) - Employment discrimination - Sexual harassment - Labor law and industrial relations in the transforming Central European countries - Ocational training - Employee participation, incl. financial participation - Employment and privacy rights - Health and safety in the work place - Sports law - Equality & the distinciton between blue & white collar workers - Collective bargaining - Settlement of industrial disputes SOCIAL SECURITY Research on social security and social policy (welfare law), on the existing laws in Belgium & Europe and on future law reforms. Documentation and information center on social security and welfare. Specific topics : - Health care provisions - Basic social rights - Civil liability and social security - Unemployment of self-employed workers - Computerization of social security Special team on expert systems for legal advice in social law - Information on social rights - Implementation of social security regulations - Appeal procedures - Special provisions for the handicapped - Social assistance - Pensions and right to work for pensioners - Complementary social insurances Expert group on complementary social benefits and complementary pensions. - Volunatry work, informal care - Care insurance - Quality management in welfare

Keywords:legal texts, labour law, comparative labour law, social security, industrial relations, case law