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Research Unit of Biblical Studies

Research Unit

Lifecycle:1 Jul 1977 →  Today
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Biblical studies comprises the study of the origin of the biblical traditions and compositions within their historical, religious and literary contexts, the study of the transmission of the biblical texts and the interpretation of the biblical books, and, within a Catholic theological context, the use of the Bible as a foundational text in Christianity and Catholic theology.

Leuven research covers both the Old and the New Testament, but also, for example, the Dead Sea Scrolls and early Christian texts. In our research we apply historical, philological, and literary methods, as well as modern linguistic and other contemporary approaches. We study the Bible in its historical contexts, and raise hermeneutical questions with respect to the present-day meaning of the Bible

Keywords:Septuagint, Redaction History, Methodology, Textual Criticism, Biblical Languages, Concordances, Biblical Hermeneutics
Disciplines:Theology and religious studies