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Research Group for Rehabilitation in Internal Disorders


Lifecycle:1 Oct 1997 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The research group for Rehabilitation in Internal Disorders (GRID) studies the impact of physical inactivity and impaired exercise tolerance in patients with internal disorders. Research expertise is present on the assessment of physical fitness (exercise, skeletal and respiratory muscle) and physical activity in patient groups, as well as in exercise training and rehabilitation programs for patients with respiratory, cardiac and vascular conditions. Patients are studied in the acute setting (e.g. Intensive Care Unit), in the chronic setting and considerable attention is paid to primary and secondary prevention of inactivity-associated morbidity. Whereas the researchers have particular experience in clinical and epidemiological  research, GRID successfully implements the principles of translational bench-to-bedside research through active collaborations with various departments of the Biomedical Sciences Group.

Keywords:Cardiovascular, Respiration, Oncology, rehabilitation
Disciplines:Cardiac and vascular medicine, Respiratory medicine, Orthopaedics, Human movement and sports sciences, Rehabilitation sciences, Laboratory medicine