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Research Centre for Operations Management (OM), Brussels Campus

Research Group

Lifecycle:1 May 2016  →  Today
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The Research Centre for Operations Management (OM), Campus Brussels

The Research Centre for Operations Management tackles the broad field of operations management (OM), i.e., supply chain management, management of products and services, inventory management and warehousing, total quality management, planning systems,… Operations are the transformation of inputs (capital, material, human skills and knowledge, technology, resources,...) in outputs (products and services). The focus lies on designing, planning, implementing, controlling and protecting products and services, processes and the supply chain, making use of frequently used tools, philosophies and methods within the field of OM as linear programming, integer programming, queueing approximations, discrete-event simulation, just-in-time, etc.

Keywords:operations management, operations research techniques
Disciplines:Applied mathematics in specific fields, Statistics and numerical methods, Applied economics, Economic history, Macroeconomics and monetary economics, Microeconomics, Tourism, Business administration and accounting, Management