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Research Centre of Development Economics, Leuven

Research Group

Lifecycle:1 Oct 1997 →  Today
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The research team focuses on the analysis of the economics of transition, with a special emphasis on empirical testing of theory using micro economic databases. The latter include firm level data collected by means of large scale business survey data. The main research topics that we focus on include: - the analysis of firm restructuring in transition countries, using approaches from Schumpeterian growth theory. - the analysis of job creation, destruction and wage formation in state owned, privatized and newly established private firms. - the analysis of corporate governance in Central and Eastern Europe. - the analysis of foreign direct investment and economic integration - globalisation and the labour market - competition policy - a comparison between reforms in China and reforms in the former Soviet Union.

Keywords:Developement Economics
Disciplines:Agriculture, land and farm management, Applied economics, Economic development, innovation, technological change and growth