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Rehabilitation Sciences


Main organisation:Hasselt University
Lifecycle:1 Sep 2018 →  Today
Organisation profile:The world health organisation defines health as a state of physical, mental and social well)being. When health and related functioning can be compromized due to a health condition, trauma or surgery, rehabilitation can contribute to enhancing functional capacity and ability and participation. The faculty organized inter-disciplinary and technology-supported education, research and services in the domain of rehabilitation sciences. For education, this includes the ba/ma program in rehabilitation sciences and physiotherapy and participation in the master occupational sciences with distinct attention to competence frameworks. REVAL is the inter-disciplinary and translational research group in the domain of rehabilitation sciences.
Keywords:Behaviour, Functioning, Health, Movement, Occupational therapy, Physical therapy, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Well-Being
Disciplines:Orthopaedics, Human movement and sports sciences, Rehabilitation sciences, Morphological sciences