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R&D Research (ONDC)

Administrative Office

Main organisation:Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Lifecycle:1 Jan 2002  →  Today
Organisation profile:

Mission: Firmly founded research policy and advice concerning research funding. The Research Coordination Division provides the foundations for the university's research policy and delivers advice with respect to external developments. Its EU-subdivision is the link between the researchers on the one hand, and the European Commission, the European Research Council, and the national contact points on the other hand. It provides information on European and international research projects and takes care of their administrative management. Action radius: - Policy preparing studies, advice and information spreading concerning research funding and research policy in general, and in particular concerning research quality, research culture and deontology and research management; - Advice concerning funding of regional, federal, European and international research; - Policy preparing studies, advice and support of research files in the framework of academization and alliance formation.