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Public Governance Institute

Research Unit

Main organisation:Faculty of Social Sciences
Lifecycle:1 Jan 1995 →  Today
Organisation profile:

Careers and public personnel systems; task profiles and function description of the employees in Belgian medium-sized cities : study and development of standards for personnel; state of the art of personnel and finance in Belgian municipalities. Auditing and organizational analysis in public agencies and non-profit organizations; personnel policy-personnel management and human resources (career development, career planning) ; the organization of the civil service. Productivity, efficiency and affectiveness in public services. Political decision making. Training and management development programmes for higher civil servants. Changing profile of top civil servants; the politicization of the civil service; motivation of civil servants : a condition for an efficient and effective administration; fiscality : a comparative study of efficiency and effectivity of tax collecting agencies. In the field of public management, policy analysis, evaluation methods or techniques, public personnel management, the use of human resources, organizational analysis, organizational design, financial management and budgetting methods, public productivity, organizational auditing.

Keywords:organizational auditing, organizational analysis, financial management, human resources management, public management
Disciplines:Sociology of organisations and occupations