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Production Engineering, Machine Design and Automation (PMA) Section


Lifecycle:1 Jul 1977 →  30 Sep 2019
Organisation profile:

The division PMA (Production techniques, Machine design and Automation) is unique in its multi-disciplinary system approach in the study and development of innovative products, production processes and intelligent (production) machines. Research programs are primarily defined based on social (industrial) relevance. In addition, fundamental contributions are made to the underlying scientific disciplines (computational dynamics, optimization, control theory, tribology, signal processing, etc.). Particular attention is also paid to valorisation via spin-off companies. PMA participates with a number of Core Labs in Flanders Make (www.flandersmake.be).

PMA's strategic research programs are:

  • Innovative products, production techniques and systems: additive manufacturing, sheet metal working, subtractive machining and complex products, dimensional measurement technology, product development.
  • Design and analysis of machines: simulation and testing of the high bandwidth dynamic behaviour of systems, intelligent lightweight structures, modelling of multi-body systems, estimation techniques for mechatronic systems, mechatronic systems with smart dynamics.
  • Mechatronics and robotics: design of mechatronic systems, ultra-precision machines, micro- and meso-mechatronic systems, optimization and control for autonomous and cognitive systems and for human-machine interaction, real-time and embedded control, new industrial robotics.
Keywords:Robotics, Mechatronics, Production processes, Machine design, Noise & vibration analysis, Metrology, Structural dynamics, intelligent lightweight structures
Disciplines:Control systems, robotics and automation, Design theories and methods, Mechatronics and robotics, Computer theory, Manufacturing engineering, Other mechanical and manufacturing engineering, Product development