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Processing Speech and Images (PSI)

Lifecycle:1 Aug 2020 →  Today
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CENTER FOR PROCESSING SPEECH AND IMAGES (PSI) In this division research is concentrated on solving real world problems of image and speech processing: * The first research domain is image processing (2D as well as 3D). Research is done on the analysis and processing of satellite images (teledetection), robot vision, visual inspection for industrial automation, medical image computing and analysis, image-guided surgery, 3D visualization and animation, processing of color images and image compression, and virtual and added reality. * Speech processing is the second research domain. The main focus is the development of a speaker independent recognizer for continuous speech with large vocabulary. This includes research on acoustic modeling, new techniques for preprocessing, search strategies and language modeling. In addition research is situated in the domain of corpus building, dialogue systems, speech coding and speech modification.

Keywords:Artificial intelligence, Deep learning, Speech processing, Image processing, Remote sensing, Image compression, Object recognition, Computer vison, Automated visual inspection, Medical imaging
Disciplines:Signal processing, Multimedia processing, Biological system engineering, Other computer engineering, information technology and mathematical engineering, Artificial intelligence, Medical imaging and therapy