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Physics Demonstration Experiment

Research Group

Lifecycle:1 Jan 1990  →  30 Sep 2009
Organisation profile:The didactical research group for the development of physics demonstration experiments has been set up by the Limburg University Centre to develop laboratory experiments and lecture demonstrations for the teaching of physics at the centre. The recent progress in technology and in particular in computer technology and computer software has brought a number of more advanced techniques and methods of signal analysis within the financial reach of most departmental didactical budgets. This offers the opportunity to make (better) demonstration for more difficult concepts and to introduce more up to date topics and techniques in the laboratory experiments. The group's research activity is focused on developing this kind of applications. Among the results not published are a number of experiments already in use. To mention but two : - Viscous flow (air flow) through tubes. A laboratory experiment for students in medicine aimed at a better understanding of the mechanics of respiration and blood circulation. - Convolution and deconvolution. A laboratory experiment for student in physics and in chemistry where a number of situations are studied where convulution is involved.
Disciplines:Mathematical sciences, Physical sciences