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Parenting and Special Education

Lifecycle:1 Oct 1979 →  Today
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RESEARCH ON PROBLEM BEHAVIOR: - Research on the relationship between parenting and the development of antisocial behavior in young children. - Development of instruments to measure coercive parent-child interactions. - Research on different forms of aggressive behavior in children. - Research on developmental trajectories of disruptive behavior in children. RESEARCH ON THE PREVENTION OF CHILD MALTREATMENT: - Development of instruments to screen for early risks of child physical abuse and neglect. - Development of instruments to measure parents' potential for maltreatment and parents' attitudes towards corporal punishment - Quality evaluation of secondary prevention programs of physical abuse and neglect in families with young children. RESEARCH ON YOUTH CARE: - Research on developmental trends in youth care in the EC. - Research on the outcomes of foster care. - Research on the optimisation of foster care in Flanders. - Meta-evaluation of residential treatment programs for young offenders. RESEARCH ON FAMILY SUPPORT: - Development of guidelines to help preventive workers provide educational support ot families with young children. RESEARCH ON LEARNING DISABILITIES: - Early indentification and treatment of learning disabilities in preschool children - Learning disabilities at higher levels of education - The impact of having a child with learning disabilities on family functioning - Development of programs for the treatment of severe reading, spelling and arithmetic problems. - Survey of learning problems in primary schools - Study of the effects of remedial teaching - The interaction between academic achievement and psychosocial functioning of primary school children. - Role of temporal processing in the development of phonological skills & academic achievement in children with dyslexia. - Behavioral phenotypes of children with genetic syndromes of learning disabilities (VCFS, neurofibromatosis). RESEARCH ON SPECIAL EDUCATION: - Models for cooperation between schools for special education and ordinary schools. - Evaluation of integrated education for children with special educational needs in Flanders. - Professional training of teachers for special education. RESEARCH ON PERSONS WITH INTELLECTUAL AND PHYSICAL DISABILITIES: - Development and implementation of procedures and instruments for evaluating quality of life and quality of care in residential care, day care and home-based programs for persons with disabilities. - Development & evaluation of alternative & new forms of support for persons with disabilities. - Research on programs, models, therapies & strategies for persons with severe multiple disabilities. - Development & evaluation of family-oriented programs and ambulatory services for families with a disabled child. - Caring for ageing people with disabilities in residential care. - Behavioral & developmental profiles of persons with intellectual disabilities and genetic syndroms.

Keywords:Youth care, Behavioral problems, Learning disabilities, Intellectual disabilities, Parenting, Physical disabilities, Special education, Specific Educational Needs, Remedial teaching
Disciplines:Orthopedagogics and special education