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Optical Metrology, 3D design and Mechanics (Op3Mech)

Research Group

Main organisation:Electromechanics
Lifecycle:1 Oct 2013 →  Today
Organisation profile:The UA-Op3Mech research group couples state-of-the-art industrial knowledge in the key areas of advanced mechanical design and industrial 3D-vision technology. The Op3Mech team members also share important expertise with respect to Computer Aided Engineering including finite element methods and optimization techniques.With the recent advances in 3D-vision technology, a strong coupling is reached between optical measurement techniques, robust design methods and industrial production methods. Design, modeling and optimization of point clouds, response surfaces including 3D interpretation is the core research of the Op3Mech group. By means of scientific publications, initiation of doctoral research, participation in projects and consulting activities, the group aims to increase the expertise in the key domains but also wants to share the knowledge with small and bigger enterprises on a national but also international level.
Disciplines:Applied mathematics in specific fields, Classical physics, Optical physics, Modelling, Multimedia processing, Design theories and methods, Mechanics, Other mechanical and manufacturing engineering