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Nuclear Technology Centre

Research Group

Main organisation:Engineering Technology
Lifecycle:1 May 2013 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The research group NuTec (contact: sonja.schreurs@xios.be) has research domains 'environmental energy research' and 'development and application of nuclear equipment'. Multidisciplinary research in an applied context is paramount in both domains. There from that environment, energy, security (chemical, toxicological, radio chemical, nuclear,...), economic feasibility, legislation and regulation are closely involved in this applied research.
Beside basic research NuTeC also evolved in project and contract research  into a centre of expertise. Especially the medical sector and the waste, recycling, scrap and transport are important actors in these projects.

The research domain "environmental and energy research" includes doctoral research in collaboration with the UHasselt (research TOES-CMK) to processing (eg. flash (co)-pyrolyse) and recovery of industrial waste and by-products or contaminated biomass energy, process technology, chemical research. Also research to biopolymers: New applications and processing capabilities through flash pyrolysis, in collaboration with UHasselt, CMK, NuTeC, VC, industrial and international research institutions are possible. The doctoral students work closely on their research with other research groups of CMK (biology, economy, law, ...) and the industry.

The research domain "development and application of nuclear equipment" includes collaboration with VUB and UHasselt doctoral research into the development of new methods and equipment and applied research in nuclear measurement equipment for various industries (medical, waste, scrap, transportation, industry Norm). Thus a new possibility is the search for new radiation-sensitive materials by ESR-spectrometry that set the link with the administrated dose radiography. To support this theoretical quest NuTec works in collaboration with UHasselt for the research of new materials. Doctoral students can test the application of these new materials in collaboration with hospitals, industry and international research institutions.

Keywords:activatie, adsorptie, audit van radiotherapiecentra, Electron magnetische resonantie (EMR) Dosimetrie, medische dosimetrie, meetpoorten, milieu-energetisch onderzoek, natuurlijke radioactiviteit, nucleaire training, ontwikkeling nucleaire meetapparatuur, pyrolyse, radiologische contaminaties, stralingsbescherming
Disciplines:Nuclear physics, Environmental science and management, Scientific computing, Other engineering and technology, Medical imaging and therapy